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Michael Douglas Stars in “Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall”

Academy Award winning actor Michael Douglas and leading right-left anti-corruption organization RepresentUs announces the launch today of Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall, the latest short film in their Unbreaking America series.

Following the success of Unbreaking America: Solving the Corruption Crisis starring Academy Award winning actor Jennifer Lawrence—to date viewed over 22 million times—this eye-opening sequel reveals information about how bad America’s political corruption crisis is, what’s underlying it, and what we can do to fix it.

“At a time when a majority of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job and want a change in how the government works, the work that RepresentUs does is pivotal to restoring confidence in our political process,” said actor and producer Michael Douglas. “I invite every American to be part of the solution and join us as we unrig America’s broken political system and make the government work for everyday Americans again.”

In Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall, Douglas declares that, “America’s political system has been hijacked to ensure that those with power keep it.” He effectively breaks down the gridlock and corruption in America’s government and presents the nationwide grassroots reform efforts led by RepresentUs as the movement that can fix it.

Douglas explains that every issue that Americans care about—from healthcare to national debt—is caught in the grip of corruption. Only 2% of Americans trust that our elections work how they’re supposed to. This year, America’s two major political parties publicly threatened to blacklist candidates who veered from party lines, propagating a polarized political system so gridlocked that it blocks meaningful progress on the most pressing issues that our nation faces. 61% of Americans want another alternative. But special interests, lobbyists, and the political establishment control the money, debates, primaries and draw voting districts—leaving the average American with a near-zero impact on the leaders that should serve them.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. In the video, Douglas presents a solution: a state by state strategy to achieve federal reform. A fiercely non-partisan organization, RepresentUs works around Congress to engage Americans from across the political spectrum to turn the tide against corruption. They lead the grassroots movement to pass commonsense reforms in cities and states across the country that fix our broken elections, stop gerrymandering, and end political corruption.

“Putting the power back in the hands of the people starts with reminding Americans of all political stripes that we own our government and that it’s up to us to change it,” said Joshua Graham Lynn, Co-Founder and Managing Director of RepresentUs. “Even in today’s sharply polarized environment, RepresentUs unites every American under the belief that we will not only restore the government but also hope for the future of our country. I am proud to work with Michael Douglas and millions of supporters across America who are driving this incredible reform movement.”

Just as was previously achieved with civil rights and gender equality, RepresentUs pushes essential issues to a tipping point by winning victories state-by-state. To date, the movement has passed 113 anti-corruption acts and resolutions in cities and states across the country to build a wave of real and lasting federal change.

Photo Credit: Ron Adar / Shutterstock.com

Hollywood’s lights dimmed a bit this weekend.

Hollywood’s lights dimmed a bit this weekend. Not only did we lose two incredible actors, but we lost their lovable characters as well.

On Sunday, December 8th, Mr. Caroll Spinney and René Auberjonois both left our world.

Spinney was the comfortably anonymous whole-body puppeteer who, since the 1969 inception of the public television show Sesame Street had portrayed the sweet-natured, canary-yellow giant bird and the misanthropic, furry-green bellyacher in the trash can outside 123 Sesame Street.

Spinney’s death was announced by Sesame Workshop. It was said in a statement that he had lived for some time with dystonia, which causes involuntary muscle contractions. It has been reported that Caroll died on Sunday at his home in Woodstock, Connetticut at 85 years old.

And at 79 years old, and also on Sunday, actor René Auberjonois also passed away. The news was confirmed by his son, Remy Auberjonois. His son said the cause of death was metastatic lung cancer in a recent statement.

Auberjonois was known for his myriad television roles on shows like “Benson,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Boston Legal.” But he acted in theater and film, notably as Army chaplain Father John Mulcahy in Robert Altman’s 1970 “MASH.”

“He was married to my mother for 56 years,” Remy said. “He was a dedicated father and grandfather and he had a fantastic sense of humor.” Despite it being a dark day in Hollywood, these two men’s iconic characters are gifts to our world, and will live on in our memories and hearts forever.

Laugh, Cry, Love, Thrill and Cheer as 14 All-Time Film Favorites Light Up Movie Theaters Nationwide

“Surely, you can’t be serious!” In 2020, 14 of movie history’s greatest romances, funniest comedies, scariest monsters, boldest visions, ultimate adventures, and most unforgettable dramas will be back in movie theaters across the country as Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies present the fourth annual, yearlong TCM Big Screen Classics series.

Among the highlights are the first national theatrical release of 1933’s King Kong in more than 60 years; the tear-jerking Love Story for Valentine’s Day; the 60th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho; and a rare big-screen appearance of Fiddler on the Roof. Plus, 2020 is the 40th anniversary of Airplane! We are serious. And don’t call us Shirley.

The 2020 lineup for the TCM Big Screen Classics series is:

An American in Paris (1951)
Love Story (1970)
The Color Purple (1985)
King Kong (1933)
A League of Their Own (1992)
Airplane! (1980)
Annie (1982)
The Blues Brothers (1980)
Ghost (1990)
Babe (1995)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
Psycho (1960)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)
Fiddler on the Roof (1971)
Now in its fourth year, the TCM Big Screen Classics series continues to grow in popularity. In 2019, many events in the series experienced sold-out audiences and ranked near or at the top of box-office results – showcasing the enduring appeal and popularity of gathering in a darkened movie theater to see the sights and hear the sounds of the best Hollywood has ever created. Each film is presented with pristine digital projection and movie-theater-quality sound, further enhanced by fascinating pre- and post-feature insights presented by popular TCM hosts.

“2019 was a banner year for Fathom and the TCM Big Screen Classics series, with record levels of attendees and a bigger box office than ever before,” said Fathom Events Vice President of Studio Relations Tom Lucas. “That success challenged us to search out some of the greatest films ever released, including iconic titles from over six decades, featuring world-renowned filmmakers, legendary stars, Best Picture winners, and epic productions – all meant to be seen on the big screen.”

“This is a slate of films to make every movie lover genuinely excited, and our partnership with Fathom Events means we can bring these films to a bigger audience than ever. This series celebrates the magic of the movies all throughout the country, proving that there is nothing that matches the joy of seeing these films in a movie theater,” added Genevieve McGillicuddy, vice president of enterprise and strategic partnerships, TCM.

Photo Credit: Javier Brosch / Shutterstock.com

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Makes its Galactic Debut

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance makes its public debut Dec. 5, 2019, inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, and at Disneyland Park in California on Jan. 17, 2020. After years of anticipation for this groundbreaking new attraction, guests will now become heroes of the Resistance in a climactic battle with the First Order.

During a special dedication ceremony Wednesday night inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Bob Chapek lauded the attraction’s immersive storytelling and technological innovation.

“Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance sets a new standard for what a theme park experience can be,” Chapek said. “Tonight, we’re welcoming the world to experience the Star Wars galaxy like never before, with the opening of the most ambitious, immersive, advanced, action-packed attraction we’ve ever created.”

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is one of the most ambitious attractions ever created for a Disney park. The thrilling action takes place in massive sets that give guests the feeling of stepping inside a Star Wars film as they elude the clutches of Kylo Ren and the First Order in a mad dash through a Star Destroyer.

The new attraction adds to the adventures that await inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the 14-acre land that opened earlier this year at both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests become part of their own Star Wars stories as they take control of the fastest ship in the galaxy in Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, sample galactic food and drink, craft their own lightsabers and build their own droids in interactive retail experiences, and encounter some of their favorite Star Wars characters.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is the latest chapter in the collaboration between Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm Ltd., a global leader in film, television and digital entertainment production, including the Star Wars franchise. The work on Star Wars between these two creative powerhouses dates back to 1987, when the groundbreaking Star Tours attraction opened at Disneyland.

Photo Credit: MateusandOlivia / Shutterstock

Sir Patrick Stewart to Receive Distinguished Artisan Award

Award-winning actor Sir Patrick Stewart, best known for his work in the Star Trek and X-Men series, will receive this year’s Distinguished Artisan Award at the 7th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards (MUAHS, IATSE Local 706) celebrating his prolific acting career on stage and screen spanning nearly six decades. The black-tie awards gala, honoring outstanding achievements of both make-up artists and hair stylists in motion pictures, television, commercials and live theater, returns to The Novo in L.A. LIVE on Saturday, January 11, 2020. The announcement was made today by Julie Socash, President of IATSE Local 706.

“Sir Patrick Stewart is a legendary actor whose myriad of characters live in our hearts forever. He is so deserving of this special recognition spotlighting his award-winning stage and screen performances, and we celebrate his great collaboration with our talented artists,” said Socash.

Presenting the Distinguished Artisan Award to Stewart will be Brent Spiner, star of Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Next Generation; James MacKinnon, Emmy® Award-winning Makeup and Prosthetic Artist, Star Trek franchise including Star Trek: Picard; and Michael Westmore, Academy® and Emmy Award-winning Makeup Artist and Designer of the Star Trek franchise.

Patrick Stewart is a veteran stage and screen actor whose incredible career spans 60 years. He has received multiple Emmy, Golden Globe®, Grammy®, and SAG® Award nominations for his work across television and film and is a three-time Olivier Award® winner and a Tony Award® nominee for his distinguished stage work.

Stewart will reprise the iconic role of ‘Jean-Luc Picard’ in Star Trek: Picard, debuting on CBS All Access in the United States and worldwide on Amazon Prime in January 2020. His film work includes the recently released Sony Pictures’ feature film Charlie’s Angels, the latest installment in the worldwide franchise, and Coda, opposite Katie Holmes. In 2017, Stewart starred in the worldwide blockbuster feature film Logan, marking his seventh time portraying the ‘Charles Xavier/Professor X’ character in the X-Men film series.

Amongst his numerous honors, Queen Elizabeth conferred on Patrick the order of the Officer of the British Empire (O.B.E.), and in 2010, Patrick received a knighthood for his services to Drama.

The Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild’s Distinguished Artisan Award is given annually to those whose body of work in the film and television industry was richly enhanced by the consistent collaboration of make-up and hair styling artistry creating memorable characters throughout their career. Previous recipients include Melissa McCarthy, Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp, Ryan Murphy and Guillermo del Toro.

Photo Credit: Marc Ayres / Shutterstock.com

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